In controle the easy way

  • Track your time spend on tasks
  • Group tasks as you prefer e.g. by customers
  • Send reports and view your tracking History
  • Send invoices and overview your invoicing history
  • Simple to use - Just click and edit no save buttons

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Sortingtime room

When signing up you get a Sortingtime room holding your information. The room can be seen as a place for your organization, company or whatever you want. When you start tracking time, creating reports and invoices, information is automatically added and is silently held in your room. You do not need to configure anything initially, Sortingtime picks up your configuration as you go.

Time tracking

You track time on tasks either by writing the time or starting a clock.
When the timer is activated the time is automatically added to a task.

Tasks can be single or grouped. You define the level of grouping as you prefer, e.g. by assignments, projects or customers.


Get a summary of the time registered on tasks by you and other users.

Select tasks or groups and send PDF reports.

Easy to view time registration and report history.


Set the hour rate on users in relation to tasks or groups.

Gives you a quick overview of the expected monthly turnover.

Select tasks or groups and send PDF invoices.

Easy to view your invoicing history and historical turnover.